In order to assist Pro Se filers, the following website offers court forms for a variety of civil filings.

*PLEASE SEE NOTICE BELOW!  Just follow the link  and you will find icons relating to numerous types of cases. The list below is just a portion of what you will find under the most used icons; please visit the above referenced website for a complete listing.

Divorce – Which Packet Do I Need & Other FAQsLiving Will & Revocation
DivorceDurable Power of Atty for Health Care
CustodyGeorgia Directive for Health Care & Revocation

Affidavit – GeneralAffidavit – Service by Publication
Answer Packet – Non SpecificEmancipation of a Minor
Domestic Relations Financial AffidavitDomestic Visitation Schedule Form
Name Change – AdultName Change – Minor
Power of AttorneyRule Nisi


If there are any questions concerning these forms or the use of these forms, it is strongly recommended that the services of an attorney be obtained. Georgia Law prohibits the court personnel of the Evans County Clerk of Superior Court nor the Southern Judicial Circuit from providing legal advice or assisting in the selection or completion of legal forms for filing with this Court; to do so would be in violation of Georgia law OCGA§15-9-51 (A)(4) & (6). Nothing in this website constitutes legal advice. Due to the changing nature of the law, the legal forms and information on this website may become outdated. Therefore, you should review and research statutes and procedures to ensure that the forms are accurate and current. The Evans County Clerk of Superior Court nor the Southern Judicial Circuit assumes no liability for any legal consequences arising out of the listing of inaccurate or outdated information on these forms. Use these forms at your own risk. These forms may or may not be appropriate in your particular case. Any desired outcome from the use of these forms cannot be predicted or guaranteed. It is strongly recommended that you seek legal advice. If you are financially unable to afford the services of an attorney, you should contact the following organization to determine if you are eligible for their services:

Georgia Legal Aid Serviced Program

6602 Abercorn St  Ste 203

Savannah GA 31405

(912) 651-2180